We think you should be able to design your own graphics and not wait for the skis.

So we came up with our patent pending Afterburn process, allow the graphics to be laser engraved at the point of purchase, so you purchase your ski and then we apply the graphics. You can have your custom laser engraved ski graphic on the mountain in under a week.

Here is how our patent pending Afterburn process works:

  1. Skis are built with no graphics on the bamboo veneer. Completely blank skis.
  2. A ski is bought or allotted for something and the graphics are designed and created. *
  3. The approved artwork is laser engraved on the ski, polished and ready for delivery.

Select Afterburn at checkout and we can design your ski. 

Get inspired by our custom graphics gallery >>

Design your own ski graphics, finally!


* The cost may vary depending on the level of custom design work necessary. The scope of all work will be reviewed and approved before moving forward. Customers are billed the full price of the ski when the artwork is applied.