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The Skis

From the beautiful bamboo veneers to our "orange hot" bases, these award-winning, big mountain / backcountry skis are designed for the dedicated skier who like to explore the mountains to their fullest. Building from the responsive feel of a sustainable bamboo core, these skis are reinforced with fiberglass and carbon strips bonded with 100% pine based bio epoxy topped with real bamboo veneer, providing additional damping while looking great, and finished with marine grade sealant coating.

Grace Skis Kiwi powder ski
Grace Skis Kylie backcountry ski
Grace Skis Shark ski
Grace Skis Jackson ski

Custom Top Sheet

Sample bamboo veneer laser engraved

Express yourself.

Our custom top sheets allow skiers to express their unique personality through one of kind art work, laser engraved directly into the bamboo veneer, after the ski is pressed and ready to go.

Starting with a line art drawing, we convert the work to a digital format, with a combination of vector and raster formats, depending on the resulting style desired. This art is exported to the final engraving format, retaining all the elements of the original design, and burned directly into the ski, and then sealed with a marine coating ready for anything.

The Process

Step 1 and 2 of Grace Skis custom top sheet
Step 3 and 4 of Grace Skis custom top sheet

Here is an example of the end to end process from the award winning Art of Winter skis, designed by a local artist and skier. Start with the line art illustration, always burn a test (which doubles as wall art), make any refinements and burn the final art on the ski, a Kylie 186 for this pair. The skis were on display as part of the Art of Winter exihibt during the Colorado Ski and Snowboard expo in downtown Denver. When the show was over, they were finally mounted, tuned and enjoyed somewhere special in the Colorado backcountry.

The Gallery

Check out some of the custom top sheets, from corporate partners to customer art to dog prints walking across the ski.

Grace Skis custom top sheet gallery 1
Grace Skis custom top sheet gallery 2
Grace Skis custom top sheet gallery 3
Grace Skis custom top sheet gallery 4

Orange Hot

Grace Skis was an early adopter in the Denver independent ski market, earning immediate recognition for our model and design. The company was featured in Denver Startup Week, TIME magazine, TEDx, Denver Business Journal, Westword and partnered with Chipotle, National Ski Patrol, Denver Beer Company and more. The skis were awarded an Official Selection from Skiing Magazine indy ski test and have been part of TGR, EarlyUps, DIY Network.

Grace Skis partner logos 1
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